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Dry Thawing Device


Safety and reliability when thawing out and warming of blood and blood products

The Barkey plasmatherm is a device for thawing out and warming of all bagged conserves of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), blood and erythrocyte concentrates (EC), cryopreserved preparations, cryopreserved stem cells (HPC) or infusion solutions.

The Barkey plasmatherm’s strengths

•  Safe and simple operation even with unpractised personnel
•  Provable and documentable thawing out and warming process
•  Universal application for plasma, blood, thawing-out of stem cells, continuous operation and user-specific settings (Possible without add-on modules)
•  Visible and noticeable hygiene due to smooth and enclosed surfaces in addition to rounded corners and edges
•  Highest product quality = safe investment
•  Leak checks = contamination and infection protection for personnel and patient
•  Direct selection for example of blood or plasma
•  Menu-controlled user guidance
•  Large display with plain text display
•  Fully plastic construction = corrosion –resistant !
•  Cost saving and environmentally aware operation
Further benefits at a glance :
•   Language selection set at works on order
Optionally available accessories
•  Ethernet connection    •  Log  printer   •  Barcode reader
Mobile Use
•  The plasmatherm can be extended with a mobile heated stand cabinet in connection with and additionally available Barkey warming center II.
The hygiene concept
•  Clear and unambiguous visualization of dirt and blood residue through light surfaces on device
•  No germ discharge from device into the atmosphere due to circulated air
•  Easy wipe disinfection due to smooth surfaces and rounded corners
The  safety concept
•  Full surface dry temperature regulation
•  Optical and acoustic signal after heating duration is complete
•  Retention of biological quality rating of transfusion material due to heating time limitation without movement
Visible hygiene, simple cleaning
•  The Barkey plasmatherm guarantees corrosion-free operation due to its unique fully plastic construction
•  The bright, smooth surfaces with rounded internal edges make hygiene processes easier. A unique feature is the integrated leak control with with  transfusion regulations.
•  The white absorbent dry paper makes blood residues from hose connections easily visible and protects the device operator from possible contamination.
•  Blood and blood products remain visible during warming and cannot be forgotten thanks to the transparent cover panels and clear heating cushions.


Barkey Plasmatherm

Article Number


For mains supply

230V/50 Hz, 60Hz

Article Number


For mains supply


Temperature Setting

+37 to max. +4.5°C

Interfaces/ devices

Optional Ethernet connection Barcode scanner, Log printer

Dimensions (Wx DxH)

340 x 600 x 320 mm

Weight without filling

18 kg

Filling quanitity

9 L

Safety Class




Barkey is Certified to

ISO 9001  ISO 13485

Made in Germany

Laboratory Division
Blood Bank Division
Healthcare Division
Asia Pharma Expo
Feb. 23rd to 25th, 2016
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